The Best Armor In Grounded (2024)


The Best Armor In Grounded (1)

The Best Armor In Grounded (2)

By Michael Caruso & Andrew Scariati


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The Best Armor In Grounded (3)


  • Wear the best armor in Grounded to survive against terrifying insects like spiders and bees with deadly attacks.
  • Crafting specific armor grants beneficial effects like faster swim speed or increased bow damage for combat.
  • Collect rare materials and defeat bosses to access the strongest armor sets available in Grounded for maximum protection.

Grounded is a survival game filled with terrifying insects like spiders and bees that can take you out in only a few hits. With this in mind, it's important to collect the best armor in Grounded to wear whenever you leave your well-built base on an expedition.


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There are many useful armor sets available in the yard, but the best armor in Grounded protects you and provides helpful passive effects. These are Grounded's best armor sets and pieces, along with the total materials you will need to craft them.

Updated April 25, 2024, by Andrew Scariati: The best armor in Grounded received another massive shakeup in the Fully Yoked update – the final major content addition to the game. If you're looking for Grounded's best armor, now is the time to start searching. Make sure to defeat all the bosses to access Grounded's best armor sets.

23 Fin Flops

The Best Armor In Grounded (5)
  • Bonus: Faster Swim Speed.
  • How To Craft: Four Water Boatman Fins, Two Eelgrass Strands, Two Lilypad Wax.

Fin Flops are a standalone armor piece that grants you faster swimming speed and should be one of the first things to craft if you're new. This effect is activated immediately as the Fin Flops don't have any other pieces to pair with them to grant a full-set bonus.

Unfortunately, the Fin Flops have an armor rating of zero, but they're worthwhile to craft because of the extra swim speed. Darting around the pond to avoid enemies is better than being slow and struggling to escape attackers.

22 Firefly Head Lamp

The Best Armor In Grounded (6)
  • Bonus: Flashlight.
  • How To Craft: Four Iridescent Scales, Five Glow Goo, Three Berry Leather.

The Firefly Head Lamp is incredible at night and in dark areas of the Backyard. It adds a permanent flashlight that you can use while exploring, so you won't have to worry about getting stuck in the dark ever again.

There aren't a lot of other armor pieces that provide general usability to the extent of the Firefly Head Lamp. Collect the Firefly Head Lamp if you like to explore, especially at night.

21 Marksman's Cap

The Best Armor In Grounded (7)
  • Bonus: Increases Bow Damage.
  • How To Craft: Five Crow Feather Pieces, Five Berry Leather, Five Silk Rope.

The Marksman's Cap is one of the strongest pieces for an archer as it increases your damage with bows in combat. This single armor piece also grants moderate defense against the dangers of the Backyard, which is impressive for a standalone headpiece.

The Marksman's Cap can be difficult to craft since it requires Crow Feathers, but it's worth the effort for the extra protection and damage boost, especially if bows are one of your favorite weapons.

20 Bubble Helmet

The Best Armor In Grounded (8)
  • Bonus: Veteran Diver.
  • How To Craft: Four Eelgrass Strands, Five Sunken Bones, Four Silk Rope.

The Bubble Helmet isn't good if you're looking for pure damage resistance, but it's perfect for adventurers that want to explore underwater locations. This helm grants you an extra 80 seconds underwater without having to come up for air. When paired with the Fin Flops, you should have plenty of time to adventure underwater without worrying about air.

Although the Bubble Helmet isn't an easy piece of armor to acquire since the materials are on the rarer side, it's still a great helmet that you should strive to get if you like diving underwater to explore the unknown.

19 Ladybug Armor Set

The Best Armor In Grounded (9)
  • Bonus: Scarlet Embrace.
  • How To Craft: Ladybug Head, 11 Ladybug Parts, 11 Berry Leather, Six Flower Petals.

The Ladybug Armor provides plenty of damage resistance as a Heavy Armor set, granting a flat 30 percent resistance to all damage. On top of this high armor rating, the ladybug armor also carries the Scarlet Embrace bonus, used to regenerate health passively.

Health is important in Grounded, and it's relatively hard to restore it, so you should craft Ladybug Armor as early into your journey as possible to get the benefit of regenerating health without any items. Be aware that this health regeneration effect is slow, though.

18 Spider Armor Set

The Best Armor In Grounded (10)
  • Bonus: Hunter's Prowess.
  • How To Craft: Two Spider Fangs, 12 Spider Chunks, Seven Berry Leather, Eight Silk Rope.

Given its Medium Armor classification, Spider Armor doesn't offer as much protection as Ladybug Armor; however, its effect allows you to run faster, which is useful in so many situations. For example, you may need to move faster while fleeing from an enemy that you can't defeat, and not moving fast enough could mean certain death.


Grounded shrinks players down to the size of an ant, which makes learning how to take on bigger bugs and deadly spiders of paramount importance.

Spider armor is harder to craft than most early-game armor sets since it requires Spider Parts; however, it's worth the effort for the Hunter's Prowess bonus.

17 Bee Armor Set

The Best Armor In Grounded (12)
  • Bonus: Pollen Shot.
  • How To Craft: 13 Bee Fuzz, Bee Stinger, Ten Berry Leather, Seven Silk Rope.

Archers benefit greatly from wearing Bee Armor due to its potent Pollen Shot effect. This special effect makes you deal more damage with bows, which is useful if you enjoy fighting enemies at long range.

Grounded is a dangerous survival game, so you may want to fight certain enemies from a distance, such as spiders. If keeping your distance and striking with arrows from above or while hidden is your thing, craft this armor as soon as possible.

16 Koi Scale Armor Set

The Best Armor In Grounded (13)
  • Bonus: Dazzling Riposte.
  • How To Craft: Ten Koi Fish Scales, Seven Eelgrass Strands, Seven Lilypad Wax, Five Sunken Bones, and Three Silk Ropes.

The Koi Scale Armor set is very powerful because of its unique bonus, but it doesn't grant a significant amount of damage protection, given its Light Armor status. The Dazzling Riposte effect will reduce an enemy's defense when you perfectly block their attack, which is useful for characters reliant on perfect blocking.

The Koi Scale Armor can be challenging to craft; however, this set is great for situations where you are in combat with multiple enemies since it will allow you to defeat them quickly after perfectly blocking their attacks.

15 Black Ant Armor Set

The Best Armor In Grounded (14)
  • Bonus: Pincushion.
  • How To Craft: Black Ant Head, 14 Black Ant Parts, 11 Bee Fuzz, Three Black Ant Mandibles, Two Silk Ropes.

The Black Ant Armor set is one of the stronger gear sets and isn't too difficult to acquire. The parts you need to craft should be stored in your camp, especially if you usually fight every enemy you encounter.

Black Ant Armor offers Medium Armor class protection while you're wearing a full set, so it's quite powerful compared to many others.

Additionally, you gain the Pincushion effect while wearing Black Ant Armor, which bestows a chance to reflect damage back on any enemy that attacks you. Overall, this is a powerful set of armor that is fairly easy to craft.

14 Wizard Hat

The Best Armor In Grounded (15)
  • Bonus: Wizard's Defense.
  • How To Craft: Three Crow Feather Pieces, Ten Berry Leather, Four Termite King Carapaces.

The Wizard Hat is a standalone piece of headgear perfectly tailored for you if you're a fan of the elemental candy staves. Each of the Mint, Spicy, and Sour staves will benefit from this classic witch-like hat due to its Wizard's Defense passive skill. Using a candy staff's ranged attack will increase your perfect block timing window by 30 milliseconds for ten seconds.


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In addition to Wizard's Defense, you can upgrade your Wizard Hat to imbue it with the Wizard's Duel effect, increasing your damage by 40 percent every time you perfect block with a staff. This effect also lasts for ten seconds and should provide a sizable damage increase for your staff of choice.

13 Termite Armor

The Best Armor In Grounded (17)
  • Bonus: Extra rock and grass harvest speed.
  • How To Craft: Five Termite Parts, Four Termite King Carapaces, Two Lint Ropes.

The Termite Armor is a very fun piece of equipment to use. Not only does it offer a ton of damage resistance, but it also allows you to harvest rocks and grass more quickly. This is useful if you need to harvest a lot of materials to defend your base from an invasion.

You will need a handful of Termite Parts to craft the Termite Armor, but it's much easier to find those crafting materials than the ones you will need for other useful armor sets. The Termite Armor is a chest piece, so it's the perfect armor if you only need a shirt to finish your character's equipment set.

12 Antlion Armor Set

The Best Armor In Grounded (18)
  • Bonus: Sizzle Protection and Quickdraw.
  • How To Craft: 14 Antlion Parts, Three Antlion Pincers, Five Silk Ropes, Three Bee Fuzz, Boiling Gland.

The Antlion Armor set is an absolute necessity if you plan on braving areas that sizzle from the heat, like the Sandbox and the EverChar Coal Bag near the Grill.

Each piece of Antlion Armor provides some Sizzle Protection, with a full set combining to nearly completely nullify the damage while also bestowing the additional Quickdraw perk.

Quickdraw will allow you to reload 40 percent faster for three seconds with ranged weapons like bows and crossbows. In addition to this speedy trait, you'll get 90 percent reduced incoming melee damage for three seconds, ensuring you stay healthy while creating distance.

11 Fire Ant Armor Set

The Best Armor In Grounded (19)
  • Bonus: Corrosion and Acidic Splash.
  • How To Craft: Fire Ant Head, 14 Fire Ant Parts, Six Lint Rope, Two Fire Ant Mandibles, Four Dust Mite Fuzz.

The Fire Ant set is an excellent Medium Armor choice that provides superior utility for parrying, striking, and surviving. While wearing this set, you will gain the Corrosion perk, which provides a ten percent chance to inflict acid on an enemy, causing them to take 15 percent more damage for ten seconds.

Wearing a full set of this armor also adds the Acidic Splash effect to your melee attacks. Acidic Splash has a ten percent chance to activate a splash that will deal 25 points of damage regardless of a foe's distance from you.

This splash can apply to arrows and ignores your target's defenses and resistances.

10 Sarah's Charm

The Best Armor In Grounded (20)
  • Bonus: Invincible Attack and Invincible Shielding.
  • How To Craft: Right Elf Charm, Left Elf Charm, Two Pond Moss, Ten Tough Gunk.

Sarah's Charm is a must-have item for long journeys and general adventuring through the yard. This charm comes with the Invincible Attack and Invincible Shielding effects, but don't be fooled by the names – they won't make you immortal.


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Instead, each of these passive effects will help you to maintain fully repaired gear at all times. Invincible Attack grants melee attacks a chance to repair your currently equipped weapon. On the other hand, Invincible Shielding will grant a ten percent chance to repair its durability by 25 when blocking.

If you're low on repair materials or want to avoid broken gear, this is the best armor Grounded has to offer.

9 Moth Armor Set

The Best Armor In Grounded (22)
  • Bonus: Ranged Cut and Wind Run.
  • How To Craft: Two Moth Scales, 12 Moth Fuzz, Five Pupa Leather, Ten Lint Ropes, Four Pond Moss.

The Moth Armor is a very late-game set of armor that is well worth the investment for ranged characters. Ranged Cut is a superb effect that can trigger the Bleed effect on any arrow, dealing 20 damage per second (DPS) for five seconds. Unfortunately, the Light Armor categorization keeps your defenses rather low.

Luckily, when outfitted with a full Moth set, you will also gain the Wind Run effect to counteract your low defense. Wind Run increases your movement speed by 20 percent for ten seconds when it activates, giving you ample opportunity to exit before your targets bear down on you.

8 Wasp Armor Set

The Best Armor In Grounded (23)
  • Bonus: Charged Shot Combo and Air Superiority
  • How To Craft: Ten Wasp Shells, Three Pupa Leather, Eight Lint Rope, and Six Wasp Legs

The Wasp Armor set is a fantastic boon to bow users and is some of the best armor in Grounded, particularly against flying insects. The Air Superiority effect grants a 75 percent chance for uncharged bow shots to deal 30 points of Stun to flying creatures.

In addition, the Charged Shot Comboeffect grants each uncharged shot a 30 percent chance to apply a five-second buff that reduces charge attack wind-up by 25 percent. If you main bows, this is the best armor Grounded has to offer.

This set will improve your bow shots against flying foes and increase your charged attack speed for general use.

7 Roly Poly Armor Set

The Best Armor In Grounded (24)
  • Bonus: Block Stun and Taunting Gaze.
  • How To Craft: 11 Lint Ropes, Ten Roly Poly Shells, 12 Pupa Leather, Ten Roly Poly Parts.

Roly Poly Armor provides an immense 30 percent damage resistance, given its Heavy Armor status. This set is all about withstanding hits and striking back with ferocious power. Block Stun increases the chance of stunning an enemy with each of your blocks, allowing you to counterattack for free.

When using a full Roly Poly set, you will activate Taunting Gaze – the attention of any hostile creatures will be redirected to you. While this is a bad perk for solo play, using it to ensure your friends have free rein to attack while you soak up damage is a useful tactic.

Combine this set with a ranged character, and you have a deadly combination of defense and offense.

6 Black Ox Armor Set

The Best Armor In Grounded (25)
  • Bonus: Overbearing and Stunning Charger.
  • How To Craft: Two Black Ox Horns, Nine Black Ox Parts, Six Lint Ropes, Three Pupa Leather, Five Dust Mite Fuzz.

The Black Ox Armor set provides top-notch defensive protection first and foremost, boasting the standard 20 percent damage reduction offered by all Medium Armors.

On top of your insulation from damage, Overbearing is a great perk for any melee-focused build. Every charged attack has a 33 percent chance of lowering an enemy's damage by 20 percent for 15 seconds.


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Reducing the damage output of high-tier enemies is an exceptional ability, but donning an entire set of this armor provides even more to love. The Stunning Charger effect bumps the chance of all charged attacks performing a stun by 25, allowing you to use quickfire weapons to ensure your foes stay still and cannot retaliate.

5 Moldy Matriarch Armor Set

  • Bonus: Big Boom and Cluster Bomb.
  • How To Craft: Eight Infected Fangs, Eight Infected Venom, Five Infected Chunks, and 15 Pond Moss.

The Moldy Matriarch Set is one of Grounded's best heavy armor sets, functioning as a demolitionist's dream. Big Boom and Cluster Bomb combine to incredible effect:

  • Big Boom – Explosive attacks have a chance to apply a five percent critical buff, stacking up to 20 times.
  • Cluster Bomb – All bomb weapons have a ten percent chance of an additional explosion, dealing 70 damage.

This potent combination enables incredibly powerful explosive builds that can decimate most enemies, However, this set shouldn't be used against the boss you get it from – the Infected Broomother – as explosions will heal the boss.

4 Fire Strategist Set

  • Bonus: Summon Crit and Fire Ant Commander.
  • How To Craft: One Fire Ant Queen Head, One Dust Mite Fuzz, Ten Fire Ant Queen Chunks, Three Fire Ant Queen Pheromones, Three Lint Rope.

The Fire Strategist Set is among the best armor Grounded has to offer, with perhaps one of the most interesting armor effects in the game. Summon Crit gives any creature you summon a 15 percent chance to hit a critical, while Fire Ant Commander can summon a fire ant for battle.

This Medium Armor set offers 20 percent damage reduction, but 15 percent more stamina usage.

With the Fire Ant Commander bonus, each attack will have a ten percent chance of spawning a Fire Ant, which will fight by your side for 12 seconds. This ant can do fantastic damage and will command attention, giving you much-needed help in the cold world of the backyard.

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